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26 11, 2019

The Guide to Travel Romance

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We can all agree that being single tends to suck for most people, especially in our modern dating culture. However, being single can be a great opportunity to spice up our travels while we’re on the road. A constant flow

25 11, 2019

Organize your life around your writing

Writing, Writing Tips|

If you’re truly serious about making it as a writer, you’re going to have to prioritize your writing, just as you would need to prioritize your workouts if you want to make the Olympics. All art requires sacrifice. If you

23 10, 2019

Shanghaied into Guatemala… Again

Adventure Journal, Travel|

To "shanghai" someone away means to lie, deceive or downright coerce him to undertake a reluctant journey. It's an old practice that crews on sailing ships would use in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries in order to recruit unwitting

13 09, 2019

Concentrate on Focus

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If you write in between the moments when you check your social media and rummage for that new mug online, your work will suffer. A piece of writing is like a small child, it needs constant attention and nurturing —often

12 09, 2019

Shanghaied into Guatemala!

Adventure Journal, Travel|

The boat sped over the dark green waters of Amatique Bay, the no man's land in between Belize and Guatemala. I was exhilarated to feel the sea wind on my face once more; with enough imagination, even taking a water

12 09, 2019

Write, yes, but don’t just write!

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It’s kind of a given that writers write. It's kind of the hallmark of the profession. Extraordinary writers, however, don’t just write, they lead extraordinary lives themselves! Believe me when I say that doing other things with your life than

6 09, 2019

How to Make the Most of a Gap Year

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So you finally decided to take a gap year to travel? How do you feel? Nervous? Worried about losing time? Taking a gap year to travel doesn’t mean you need to have a résumé gap or that it’s wasted time.

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