Europe has always had that certain charm that draws people from all over the world, whether it’s the Alps and the awe and majesty they inspire, walking down the cobblestone streets of old cities and towns wondering about people who for centuries have lived and loved there, or surprising yourself after you took a wrong turn and found a place of untold beauty… Europe has it all for the budding romantic!

And if you’re planning to visit Europe with your partner, your significant other —heck, the love of your life!— then you definitely can’t miss the cities which offer the most, ahem, kissing opportunities…

Paris, France

Ah, Paris… city of artists and lovers. When I first visited Paris, I have to admit I had a bunch of stereotypes of what the experience would be. Since it’s been considered as a cultural capital or the world for centuries and I’m sure you’ve seen it featured in more than one cheesy romantic film. But when I stepped off the train from the airport and into the very heart of Paris, I simply held my breath.

Paris France from the Arc de Triomphe.

Paris France from the Arc de Triomphe.


The city is filled to bursting with palaces, parks, cafés, art galleries, cathedrals and boasts the romantic Seine river for those midnight strolls and kisses in the dark.

The city is perfect for museum lovers and art enthusiasts, and don’t forget to take a nighttime riverside stroll downtown!

Verona, Italy

Located on the meandering Adige river in northern Italy, and as the place where Shakespeare set the scene for Romeo and Juliet, Verona is a mecca for lovers worldwide.

One of the most visited attractions in the city is the purported house of the Capulets, where Juliet’s balcony is found. Each year, thousands of people flock to the house to prove their everlasting love by leaving love letters among the bricks beneath the balcony where Romeo and Juliet proclaimed their love for one another.

An ancient city on the banks of the Adige River.

An ancient city on the banks of the Adige River.


And yet, the Juliet’s house is not all that Verona boasts. The city in and of itself is beautiful and is best enjoyed through leisurely strolls through the old city’s small alleys and streets. Going out for a glass of wine at night is also a good idea to fuel the romantic inside.

Oh and be sure to look at the sunset from the Castel San Pietro hill! I guarantee you won’t forget it!

Salzburg, Austria

Nestled amongst the Austrian Alps near the German border, lies the city of Salzburg. This is the city where Mozart was born and the place where he lived for much of his life.

Now, this city is one of my personal favorite places where I’ve ever been to and, while I was there, I vowed I’d return with my true love one day, just so I can proclaim my everlasting love among the rose bushes and gardens.

Roses in one of the many gardens of Salzburg.

Roses in one of the many gardens of Salzburg.


You can expect a placid and tranquil visit while in Salzburg, the city seems to run in its own time. There are many stately homes and palaces and the city is filled with some of the most beautiful gardens I’ve ever seen. And with all the baroque architecture, the city makes you feel as if you were in an eighteenth-century romance movie/novel! It’s definitely the place to be in love!

How can’t you fall in love in a place like this?

Some of the attractions in Salzburg include the Mozart’s house, the Hohensalzburg castle, and the Salzburg cathedral.

Also, don’t miss the panoramic views of the mountains from the top of the Salzburg castle!

Venice, Italy

Did you really think we wouldn’t mention the city where Casanova preached his love to so many? The beautiful and very aquatic city of Venice is a must for every Grand Tour of Europe.

Whether it’s walking next to the canals by night or visiting the shops which pack each Venice street to bursting or enjoying old Italian art in the many museums open to visitors, Venice has got something for all.

Gondolas moored in one of Venice's many canals.

Gondolas moored in one of Venice’s many canals.


And if you feel like bathing in the Mediterranean (we don’t recommend swimming in the canals) you can always visit Lido, which is one of the sandbars of Venice and which boasts a beach. Kissing in the sand whilst seeing a sunset or sunrise is a must.

Bruges, Belgium

Whether you visit Bruges by day or by night, the medieval city is a must for couples traveling in the northern reaches of Europe. The close packed streets and the medieval architecture of the houses make for a trip back in time that you’ll thoroughly enjoy.

The central plaza in the City of Bruges, Belgiuim

The central plaza in the City of Bruges, Belgium

The city is filled with canals and is aptly nicknamed “The Venice of the North”. Chocolate shops, museums and beautiful strolls are some of the temptations which the city offers lovers. Remember that chocolate stimulates the desire for one another, so it’ll probably be a good idea to taste some of the locally made confections for a night of unforgettable sweetness.

Try not to fall in love with the city and its lights by night. That would be unnatural.

BONUS! Lake Constance, Germany

Although Bodensee is a region in southern Germany and is, therefore, technically not a city, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to share with you another of the great places of Europe to visit with your love interest/whatever.

The region around Lake Constance (called Bodensee in German) is perfect if you want your romantic getaway to have a fairy tale quality to it. Germany, Austria, and Switzerland coincide at the lake and can provide an interesting experience for cycling or a road trip, for example.

One of the many magnificent sights on Lake Constance.

One of the many magnificent sights on Lake Constance.

Lake Constance is large and is best enjoyed in the summer when the climate is warm(er?) and perfect for a dip in the lake or renting a sailboat to cruise around making everyone jealous of your deep love.

There are also small medieval towns which are great for visiting and exploring, such as Meersburg and Überlingen in southern Germany.

Just beware having too much fun, you’ll have a hard time adjusting afterward.

Have any other great ideas for a romantic getaway? Share them in the comments section below!